The ILLUSIONā„¢ method by Jes Davis

The ILLUSION™ method by Jes Davis, exclusive to SILX Global, is an online course designed to teach you the most innovative method of concealed track hand-tied extensions.



Extensions installed the ILLUSION™ way run directional with the natural growth of hair, zero over-direction.

ILLUSION™ will not compromise the integrity of your hair and is truly weightless and comfortable.

Like some popular methods that use string running bead to bead, ours does not. Creating a more comfortable hair experience.

ILLUSION™ is a concealed track and results in minimal shedding because hair integrity is not compromised.

Are you ready to further your extension education? See what's inside the course.

What's inside the ILLUSIONā„¢ method by Jes Davis course:

Video Training + The ILLUSIONā„¢ Manual

Up-close video tutorials on how to master each section from a client consult to trimming and styling.

A written step-by-step guide to take with you. It includes how to educate your clients on the maintenance of their investment, what to charge your client, and so much more.

Educator Approval

You won't be doing this alone. Our lead educator will be approving your work to ensure you are installing correctly.

Access to SILX

Once you become a student of ILLUSION™ you will receive an account to order from SILX Global.

Supply Starter Kit

Complete starter kit with everything you need to perform ILLUSION™ except the actual client!

Kit includes: large claw clips, single prong clips, thread, super glue, pintail comb, looper tool, needle nose pliers, silicone extension beads, embroidery scissors.

*kit not included in basic package

The ILLUSION™ method by Jes Davis online course is a hands-on educational series broken into easy-to-follow segments. Our goal is to educate you and provide you with the tools, training and ability to feel confident in the service. Each segment will be followed by a series of questions and photos. You will also get personal feedback from the ILLUSION™ creator herself!


We are confident that you will become certified with a new skill that will take your career as a stylist to the NEXT LEVEL!


Certified Stylists Group

Access to a VIP certified ILLUSION™ stylist Facebook group for ongoing education, tips, and to communicate with your fellow ILLUSION™ stylists.


You will receive the ILLUSION™ Certification sent via mail after completion of the course. This certification will set you apart and will speak to your experience as a stylist, taking your clientele and skill-set to a higher level.

SILX Stylist Locator

After course completion you will be added to the Stylist Locator on the SILX Global website.

"Learning new hand-tied application techniques has allowed me to stay competitive in a growing market. As an extension specialist, I believe in only the best and safest extension application methods. I have trained with top stylists throughout the country and am currently certified in the SILX preferred method, the ILLUSIONā„¢ Method by Jes Davis, and Invisible Bead Extensions by Mackenzie Turley. After my extensive education and training throughout my 10 years in the industry, I have the utmost confidence in the ILLUSIONā„¢ method because it combines precise and virtually undetectable application with the superior hand-tied extensions of SILX Global. As an educator I am committed to providing the best extension education available and am proud to represent a company with similar standards and expectations."

Catherine McRae
Owner of Black Heart Loft Salon

"I have very fine hair and use hand-tied extensions for volume just as much as length. I always had a hard time styling my hand-tied extensions in up-dos because the beads showed, but then my stylist used the ILLUSIONā„¢ method and it was a night and day difference!!! It is such a relief being able to confidently throw my hair up and I canā€™t imagine going back to the standard method."

Caitlyn Frizzelle

"The new ILLUSIONā„¢ method feels so light on your hair! It also makes it impossible to see with any hair-do. It doesnā€™t hurt when you first have them! It feels freeā€” the closest thing to natural hair with extensions!!!"

Bri Morley

"Iā€™ve worn many different types of hair extensions and by far Iā€˜m loving the ILLUSIONā„¢ hand-tied weft method. They are gentle on my hair as well as feeling and looking so natural. The new ILLUSIONā„¢ method is definitely a game changer. Whether I wear my hair up or down you cannot see the line - they blend so naturally with my own hair. They donā€™t tug or pull whatsoever; in fact, I barely notice theyā€™re there!"

Audrey Forsythe

"I am absolutely in love with SILX Global. I was lucky enough to find this company back in November of 2019, where I had the opportunity of a lifetime to fly to Portland, Oregon and personally train to become a Certified Educator with SILX Global. Since then I was able to not only recuperate the money I invested into my new career, but Iā€™ve made enough to re-invest back into my business as well and this happened within a short 7 months!!! This company is changing the way we as creative artists can earn extra income all while providing the safest and most natural extension method in our industry! The education provided by their lead educator, Jes Davis, is precise and super easy to follow. The vision the owner, Noelle, has for her company and her stylists is top-notch and she puts a ton of effort into making sure we continue growing as a family. The special care they take in creating the best high-end human hair wefts is second to none. This company has it all yā€™all! Iā€™ve had the pleasure of holding many private sessions in my home town in Jacksonville, FL, and my students are succeeding at growing their income as well as providing their clients with the best hand-tied experience theyā€™ve had yet. My students and I have been told by our beautiful clients that this is the most comfortable method and the lightest weight hair theyā€™ve ever experienced! If youā€™re on the fence about investing in your career, I canā€™t stress enough to do your research before investing in a company to work with. Find a company that invests in you just as much as you invest in them. I can guarantee that when you become a member of SILX Global, you gain a great big family full of amazing creative artists who want to see you succeed!!! What are you waiting for... join the movement!"

Beffy Miller
Licensed Educator + Stylist

The ILLUSION™ method by Jes Davis is a patent-pending advanced extension installation method that allows the track and beads to be completely hidden! 


Comfortable, zero over direction, and no damage to scalp or hair.


This method has been tested on multiple people to ensure that it is not only safe and gentle on your hair, but is the BEST method for thick and thin hair!

Become a certified ILLUSIONā„¢ method by Jes Davis stylist now!

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get immediate access to the course, educator approval of your work, access to the exclusive Facebook group after certification, a SILX account, can include a supply starter & social media marketing kit and a new luxury service to offer your clientele.

There are 5 high definition video and written teaching modules in the course.

Each section includes a video to watch and assessment to complete breaking down each step of the process to help you become proficient. 

After you join ILLUSION™ you'll find a list of materials needed to perform the method. To complete the course you will need a mannequin or live model. Images must be submitted for approval that you are performing installation correctly. Upon completion and approval of your assessments you'll become certified.

The modules include assessments for students to complete. Answer questions, upload images of your work and Jes Davis, creator of ILLUSION™, will either approve of your work or provide instructions on how to correct and improve your results.

The ILLUSION™ Manual includes the  step-by-step process for installing the ILLUSION™ method. It includes how to educate your clients on the maintenance of their investment, what to charge your client, and all the supplies you need. It also introduces you to SILX Global and Jes Davis, the lead educator for SILX Global.

JES DAVIS - Lead Educator for SILX Global

Jes believes mastering your craft is the key to success. Jes has performed various methods of hair extensions over the years. When Hand-Tied Extensions was introduced to her, she absolutely knew she could perfect the system. After much thought, and many trials ILLUSION™ method by Jes Davis was born! She currently specializes in Hand-Tied Hair Extensions in her own salon and is the lead educator for SILX Global. She often travels around the county helping other stylists perfect their craft, and now online!

I want to learn from Jes!

I want to become a certified ILLUSIONā„¢ method by Jes Davis stylist!


SILX wants you to have ILLUSIONā„¢ method by Jes Davis for your clients! We have two different course offering options for your benefit!

1 on 1 In Person ILLUSIONā„¢ Concealed Track HandTiedTraining



  • 5-hour in-person training with the creator of ILLUSION™ Jes Davis at MANA Training Studio near Denver, CO. An accredited Colorado Training Studio.
  • Access to the self-paced ILLUSION™ Method online course to reference

  • Email support anytime you have questions

  • Branded Tool Kit 

  • Certification upon completion

  • Access to our VIP Facebook Group

  • SILX Stylist Locator Listing

  • $25 OFF SILX Coupon
  • Social Media Workbook with marketing photos, verbiage, #hashtags, and more!


*due to the nature of this course, trainings are not refundable once course is complete. Refunds accepted up to 48 hours after purchase for in person training.



ILLUSIONā„¢ Method Online Course PLUS Mentorship


A Concealed Track HandTied Method

  • Immediate access to the self-paced ILLUSION™ Method online course

  • multiple high def video lessons walking you through each step. Everything from a consultation to blending and styling 

  • Mentorship and full access to Jes (creator of ILLUSION™) via email anytime you have questions!

  • 100% access to Jes, have your work critiqued & get mentorship during course

  •  Tool Kit 

  • Certification upon completion

  • Access to our VIP Facebook Group

  • SILX Stylist Locator Listing

  • $25 OFF SILX coupon code

  • Social Media Workbook with marketing photos, verbiage, #hashtags, and more!

  • no experience necessary 


*due to the nature of this course, trainings are non refundable


ILLUSIONā„¢ Method Online Course


A Concealed Track HandTied Method

  • Immediate access to the self-paced ILLUSION™ Method online course
  • multiple video lessons walking you through each step. Everything from a consultation to blending and styling 
  • Certification upon completion
  • Access to our VIP Facebook Group
  • SILX Stylist Locator Listing
  • This option is best if you have prior experience or knowledge in sew in extensions



*due to the nature of this course, trainings are non refundable


Salon Group Training and Packaged Pricing

  • We come to YOU!
  • Multiple pricing packages
  • Receive everything the 1 on 1 Training includes 
  • Special VIP pricing 
  • Custom Salon Discount Code on all orders of hair
  • Official PIN on our Stylist Locator
  • CUSTOM orders (choose your root color + 3 colors for “custom blends” on a client by client basis!)
  • ALL SILX Global Salon marketing material including; mirror clings, social media brand content & advertising videos to get more clients in your door!

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