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By purchasing this course I agree to the following:

1) Unauthorized Use: 
Educator shall not permit anyone to use the Licensed Materials without express permission from Company to do so.
2) Unintended Use: 
This agreement extends only to the Educator for in person training of another stylist or salon and does not give a license to re-teach any of the material or portions of the materials to train others to be SILX Certified Educators or teachers of the ILLUSION™ Method without an express license to do so. 
3) Non-Compete:
The Educator agrees not to develop a similar educator training course or to provide education using another brand of hair extensions during the time they are considered a SILX Certified Educator. 
4) Exclusive Purchase Expectation:
The educator agrees to exclusively use Company branded hair extensions for all training classes, to actively endorse and recommend them during and after training classes, and to use them for all customer applications in their business. This requirement applies unless Company is currently sold out in the color required. 
5) Modification of Licensed Materials:
Educator shall not modify, manipulate, or create a derivative work of the Licensed Materials without the prior written permission of SILX Global. This requirement persists even after the termination of this agreement. Violation of this clause is grounds for Company to pursue damages from the Educator. 
6) Expectation or Marketing:
Upon certification of the SILX ILLUSION™ Method the Educator will make one social media post per week for a period of 4 weeks announcing their certification in the SILX ILLUSION™ Method tagging both “SILX Global” and “JESDAVISBEAUTY” on all social media platforms that the stylist holds. The educator also agrees to tag and reference “SILXGlobal” and “JESDAVISBEAUTY” any time they do a post using SILX Global hair extensions or using the ILLUSION™ Method Technique.
7) Expectation of Exclusivity:
The Educator agrees not to share their private login information or access to the SILX ILLUSION™ Method videos with anybody under any circumstance without express license to do so. 

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The ILLUSION™ Method by Jes Davis

  • Immediate access to the course training.
  • 5 training modules with up-close, in-depth videos, teaching the ILLUSION™ method from initial client consult to trimming and styling.
  • Assessments
  • Prompt instructor feedback and discussions
  • Access to ILLUSION™ VIP Facebook group exclusive to certified ILLUSION™ stylists
  • In-depth PDF training manual
  • ILLUSION™ Certification upon completion
  • Access to SILX Global luxury hair extensions
  • Listed in our Stylist Locator on the SILX Global website